Go on and Coupon!

With new shows such as Extreme Couponing on TLC and the questionable economy many people have been turning to coupons to save a little money. There are hundreds of websites you can scour to find coupons which give you a certain percentage off clothing, a dollar amount off household items such as laundry detergent and then there are freebies/samples! I have gotten free samples of granola bars, cereal, shampoo and razors. I have also received vouchers for a free loaf of bread, Kinder Surprise eggs, Yogurt and chocolate bars. The best freebie I got was a full size package of Maynards Swedish Fish! Yum!

Here are some of the best websites I follow with the option to sign up to receive daily email updates. These websites offer coupons, freebies, and other great deals and all for a Canadian audience!

Daily Deals

Many businesses participate with websites such as Groupon, WagJag, Kijijideal, or Dealfind to promote there products or services through a ‘daily deal’. These deals usually consist of 30-60 percent off a service or product. I purchased several of these deals including: pay $20 dollars for $40 dollars worth of food at various restaurants, 40$ for wash, cut, blowdry and highlights (value of $150). These deals are great for both the consumer and business alike. It draws attention to the business and allows the consumer to try out different products or services for a reduced cost. Win-win!
Sign your email up to the following sites so you can get daily deals for your city:
Go get your samples, coupons, and daily deals, people!!

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