Wave hello to Santa Fe

We spent a few days in Santa Fe, the state capital, and the surrounding areas. Santa Fe (population 70, 000) is a beautiful city with a lively town square full of street vendors selling handcrafted turquoise jewellery, art galleries, restaurants, and gift shops. Here are some of the highlights from Santa fe.

Cathedral Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi

Mysterious Staircase from the Loretto Chapel. As the story goes, the nuns of the chapel were in need of  a staircase to the choir and one day a mysterious man came and offered to build it for them. After he completed the staircase he vanished before the nuns could pay him. Since then engineers and architects have marveled at the construction of the spiral staircase (which was built with no nails) and no one has ever been able to determine the type of wood used to make the spiral design.

Shops in the town Square

One of the many art galleries in the area. Although Canyon Road has an even larger selection of galleries.

There were several stalls selling hanging arrangements of chilli peppers. New Mexicans decorate their homes and kitchens with these colourful arrangements.

I had a delicious Taco Salad from the Burrito Co restaurant for lunch. yum!


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