Taste of Victoria

When in Victoria we quickly realized that British traditions are still quite alive in the city. What could be more British than fish and chips for lunch and high tea in the afternoon? So we decided to check it out for ourselves. For lunch we went to the locally recommended Red Fish Blue Fish located on the waterfront. This place it just a shack on the dock with only outdoor seating. It’s very popular so expect to wait in line (it’s well worth it though!).

I had 1 piece of halibut, fries and it came with a side of coleslaw.

IMG_7873 IMG_7876 IMG_7874

High Tea at Venus Sophia 

For a little afternoon pick-me-up we decided to partake in a very British activity – high tea! The most famous place to have high tea in Victoria is at the Empress Hotel and costs $50 per person. Since we were on more of a budget we decided to try a more cost-effective, yet equally impressive option at the Venus Sophia Tea House and Vegetarian Eatery. Venus Sophia has several comfortable couches and chairs and feels very cozy. For $25 per person we got more goodies than we needed (and delicious ones at that!). I would highly recommend this tea house if you want to experience high tea in Victoria.

IMG_7894 IMG_7878 IMG_7886 IMG_7890

Other Notable Mentions:

While in Victoria there are a few other treasures not to miss including:

  • Rogers Chocolates – gourmet chocolate shop on Government St.
  • Cook Street Village – cute neighbourhood with little shops and restaurants including The Beagle Pub.
  • Boutique browsing on Government Street near Yates/ Pandora ( my favourite store was definitely Emporia which had cute home and lifestyle apparel).
  • There are countless independent cafes/coffee shops which offer small meals and a good afternoon pick-me-up. You can find one on almost every corner.

Montreal: Schwartz’s Deli

Schwartz’s Deli in Montreal is renowned for its mile high smoked meat sandwiches and its bare-bones yet bustling ambiance. BOY! did it deliver on both taste and atmosphere. We arrived at 11:30am to find a line already snaking down rue St.Laurent. Since we were only a party of 2 we were quickly seated in the best seats in the deli – at the bar! I ordered the traditional smoked meat sandwich and a side of fries. The service is quick, the portions are huge, and the taste cannot be beat. Schwartz smoked meat tastes so good it made a mostly vegetarian gal (me) reconsider my herbivorous ways. Next time you are in Montreal be sure to stop in!

Schwartz’s Deli is a mean lean smoked meat making machine! See for yourself!

Roger’s Chocolates

I received such a nice surprise in the mail last week from my boyfriend – a box of Roger’s chocolates!! These chocolates are the most delicious chocolates i’ve ever had and a treat to look forward to at Christmas time each year.  Roger’s Chocolates is a Canadian chocolate company based in Victoria, British Columbia which has developed a renowned reputation for its divine chocolates.

Thanks for the chocolates, B!!